Swivel Wheel 27mm Black / Silver – Single

Swivel Wheel 27mm Black / Silver – Single




These swivel wheel includes expander 40×40 mm for square tubes are used, among other things, for the manufacture of mobile frames, furniture and other objects. With us you can choose from three sizes of swivel castors: Ø 50, Ø 75 and Ø 100 mm. The supplied expander makes it possible to mount the swivel wheels in the tube.

Wheel load per swivel wheel:
Wheel diameter 50 mm
Dynamic load capacity = 40 kg
Static load capacity = 80 kg

Wheel diameter 75 mm
Dynamic load capacity = 75 kg
Static load capacity = 150 kg

Wheel diameter 100 mm
Dynamic load capacity = 80 kg
Static load capacity = 160 kg

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