Category: Key Clamp Fittings for 60MM (2″) OD Tube Q5/E60/K9

60MM Key Clamp Fittings

These 60MM Key Clamp Fittings are designed to fit 60.33MM OD tube (2″ Nominal Bore). We would recommend 2” Galvanised Nominal Bore tube which is the industry standard to use with these fittings. Any tube within approximately 41MM-43MM range in most solid material. If you are unsure about which key clamp fittings or tube to use for your application please contact us on 0121 318 1743

Size Conversions:

  • Kee Klamp Size 9
  • Tubeclamp Size E
  • Q Clamp Size 5
  • Interclamp Size E60

Technical information:

Material: Main body – malleable iron, screw – ductile iron

Hot dipped galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:1999

Standard: BS EN 1562:1997, grub screw to BS EN 1563:1997

Best Suited for use with steel tube to BS EN 10255 and BS1387

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